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All watches of Retras Watches are made with an exceptional amount of passion and personal care. At Retras Watches we hope that our clients take pride in wearing the watch and take care of it on their turn.


1. After the date of purchase there is a two years warranty on mechanical damage that is not caused by the user. This includes all unforeseen mechanical defects making the watch no longer functioning properly. It does not include wear or damaging through accidents or abusive usage, or complimentary items such as the strap, the box and accessories.


2. Your warranty is valid for two years from the date of the invoice.


3. A mechanical watch is a wonderful piece of micro mechanic art. Wear it with care and treat it with respect. Do not wear it under severe circumstances. 


4. Although the watch is made using new technologies, it is constructed in a way every (Retras Watches) certified watchmaker is able to repair and service the watch after the warranty period. If anything occurs within the warranty period, contact Retras Watches first.


5. Retras Watches cannot be held responsible for all incurred costs or damage or loss during transport.


6. Watchmakers can contact Retras Watches for repair & service specifications.


7. Retras Watches can be contacted for brand-specific after-sales spare parts.

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